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Virtual Courtrooms

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 13th Judicial Circuit implemented virtual courtrooms for most proceedings utilizing video-conferencing technology. Specifically, parties and counsel may generally appear by video conference for most appearances in Boone County.

To join a division’s Webex Room for court, please click on the appropriate link.

Division 1, Judge Brouck Jacobs –
Access Number: 187 153 3088

Division 2, Judge Jeff Harris –
Access Number: 146 728 4675

Division 3, Judge Kevin Crane –
Access Number: 146 945 1413

Division 4, Judge Josh Devine –
Access Number: 146 475 1011

Division 5, Judge Kimberly Shaw –
Access Number: 146 742 7255

Division 7, Judge Sue Crane –
Access Number: 146 756 2380

Division 8, Commissioner Sara Miller –
Access Number: 146 249 5737

Division 9, Judge Tracy Gonzalez –
Access Number: 146 570 6572

Division 10, Judge Kayla Jackson-Williams –
Access Number: 146 689 1650

Division 11, Judge Stephanie Morrell –
Access Number: 146 862 8605

To access a division’s Webex Room by telephone, you may call toll free at 844-487-0491 and enter the appropriate division’s access number (listed above).

The Court has issued an order outlining protocols for video conference appearances. The full text of the order can be accessed here. In most pertinent part, the order reminds counsel and parties that video court appearances are still court appearances and should be treated as such. Failure to abide by the Court’s protocols and standard courtroom decorum will result in removal from the video conference and may result in other consequences.

More information on the WebEx video conferencing system can be found at

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