Updated Procedures for Zoom Video Conferences Involving In-Custody Defendants

Below is an email from 13th Judicial Circuit Administrator, Mary Epping:

After some brainstorming and the jails being open to creative solutions, both the Boone and Callaway jails are now able to use Zoom. We appreciate our partners being willing to try new things and we are doing our best to minimize issues but recognize that there will be unavoidable troubleshooting.  We need to keep in mind the jails’ need to have CDC compliance.  I want to recognize everyone’s contributions but specifically want to thank the court’s IT supervisor Chris Fishman-Weaver for making all this technology work on the fly and Cindy Garrett for her tireless efforts to coordinate calls and video conferences, and help in creating processes.


Monday’s schedule, April 6 for Boone’s Law Day

9 a.m. – Judge K Crane’s docket on Jail 1 (using zoom)

1:30 – Judge Crane on Jail 1 (using zoom) hearing arraignments

1:30 – Judge Jacobs on Jail 2

1:30 – Judge Asel will be zoom meeting starting immediately after Judge Crane’s arraignments. That means the jail will only have to connect once to the meeting. Attorneys for Judge Asel’s docket have all be invited over Zoom.

Attorneys scheduled on the dockets using Zoom will be sent an email to join. We anticipate going forward having these staggered dockets as needed and, as they grow, possibly scheduling different time slots to join (for example 1:30, 2:30 etc).

Cases set for the rest of the week in Boone will default to Zoom/jail 1. It should be noted we are working on a call in option with zoom. If attorneys come to the courthouse, it may be that the judge is not in the courtroom.

We continue to have 1East available for attorneys to schedule to meet with clients.