Two Employees Honored for Years of Service to the Boone County Clerk’s Office

The Boone County Circuit Clerk’s Office is very proud to celebrate two employees for years of service.

Toni Kardon is the Civil Division Supervisor and is celebrating 20 years. Toni has held this position since January of 2017, however, before that she was in the Family Court Division for 18 years and 4 years of that was in the supervisory position.

Gina Wiswall will be celebrating 25 years of service with the Boone County Circuit Clerk’s Office in February 2019. All 25 years of Gina’s tenure has been in the Civil Division which has included supervising. She has a vast knowledge of civil procedures and case management.

Thank you, Toni and Gina, for your outstanding dedication, enthusiasm, cooperation and hard work throughout your years of service.