Time to Pay 2020 Dues

Lawyers and firms wishing to pay their 2020 BCBA dues may send $50/lawyer dues to Treasurer Dan Beckett at Boone County Bar Association, 705 E. Walnut, Columbia, MO 65201. Make checks payable to “Boone County Bar Association.” Dues become payable January 1, and members will be removed from the rolls if they have not paid dues by April 1, 2020. Dues are waived for members who have reached 75 years of age or have been licensed for 50 years. Please provide the 2020 Boone County Bar Association Dues Payment/Waiver Form with your payment or exemption. This is especially important if you would like your areas of practice listed with your name in the Membership Directory. On the form, each attorney may list up to two areas of practice. The form can be found at https://boonecountybar.org/dues/.