Thank You from Judge Daniels

April 23, 2018

Dear Members of the Boone County Bar Association:

I write to thank you for the tribute that you gave me when I retired. I am communicating electronically so I may include a photograph of the glass sculpture, in case some of you have not seen it, and because my hand writing is bad.  My friend Judge Oxenhandler use to remind me to “keep it short, “which is sage advice. But, I want to expand on my thank-you and borrow an idea from a literary work to share with you my sentiments about being a member of the Boone County Bar.

If the ghost from the past appeared to me to discuss my association with the Boone County Bar, we would start the conversation with noting the value of the Boone County Bar in shaping my development as a professional and rewarding me with professional and personal friendships that prepared me to be a judge.

If the ghost of the present appeared to me, we would discuss how grateful I am for the professional strength of the Boone County Bar and how “good lawyers” always make a judge look better. I had, and have, a passion, for the good work that an attorney can do, and all of you helped me to be a public servant that helped the community.

If the ghost of the future appeared to me, it would be a shorter conversation. But, the glass sculpture is on my breakfast table where I will be able to see every day a reminder of how lucky I have been to be a lawyer, a judge, and a retired “something” as a member of the Boone County Bar.

I appreciate your generosity and your kind sentiments to me. (And, I am sorry that I “failed” the receiving line at the reception line because I saw some of you from a distance but never had an opportunity to speak to you.) With this “send off”, I will look forward to a longer conversation with the ghost of the future.