2022 BCBA Officers

President – Glen Ehrhardt
Vice President – Becky Thompson
Secretary – Jennifer Rodewald
Treasurer – Dan Beckett
Newsletter Editor/Webmaster – Lear Werts LLP

Executive Committee – The above officers plus the following are members of the Executive Committee:

Gretchen Yancey, Immediate Past President
Tamara Kopp, At-Large Member
Emily Little, At-Large Member

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Past BCBA Officers

According to BCBA records dating back to 1985-1986, past officers, in reverse chronological order, were:

2017-2018 – Jason Simmons, President; Jill Jackson, Vice President, Molly Metza, Secretary; Andrew Kopp, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Marjorie Lewis, Ben Faber, Dave Knight.

2016-2017 – Marjorie Lewis, President; Jason Stemmons, Vice President; Gretchen Yancey, Secretary; Merce’de Savala, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Josh Oxenhandler, Josh Devine, and Lori Hickerson.

2015-2016 – Josh Oxenhandler, President; Marjorie Lewis, Vice President; Gretchen Yancey, Secretary; Merce’de Savala, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Jennifer Bukowsky, Rusty Antel, and Gretchen Yancey.

2014-2015 – Jennifer Bukowsky, President; Josh Oxenhandler, Vice President; Chrissy McCartney, Secretary; Jason Simmons, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Russ Still, Stephen Richey and Kristen Dickinson.

2013-2014 – Russell Still, President; Jennifer Bukowsky, Vice President; Marjorie Lewis, Secretary; Clark Jones, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Steve Scott, Wally Bley, Josh Oxenhandler

2012-2013 – Steve Scott, President; Russ Still, Vice President; Casey Berndt, Secretary; Michael Foster, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Marvin Tofle, Amy Salladay, Erika Fadel

2011-2012 – Marvin Tofle, President; Steve Scott, Vice President; Gretchen Yancey, Secretary; Julia Grus, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Tom Scneider, Glen Ehrhardt, and Scott Wilson

2010-2011 – Tom Schneider, President; Marvin Tofle, Vice President; Adam Patchett, Secretary; Ben Nelson, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Stan Clay, Carlyle Foley, and Amy Markel

2009-2010 – Stan Clay, President; Tom Schneider, Vice President; Todd Werts, Secretary; Jill Jackson, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Mal Mayse, Phebe LaMar, and Tom Mingus.

2008-2009 – Mal Mayse, President; Stan Clay, Vice President; Zach Bickel, Secretary; Kristen Dickinson, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Jeff Parshall, Emily Little and Tom Schneider.

2007-2008 – Jeff Parshall, President; Mal Mayse, Vice President; Joy Ahern, Secretary; Christina McCartney, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Bruce Beckett, Randall Johnston and Tom Schneider.

2006-2007 – Bruce Beckett, President; Jeff Parshall, Vice President; Amy Salladay, Secretary; Melissa Faurot, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Pat Eng, Marsha Fischer and Marjorie Lewis.

2005-2006 – Pat Eng, President; Bruce Beckett, Vice President; Helen Wade, Secretary; Josh Oxenhandler, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Judge Jodie Asel, C.J. Dykhouse and Ed Orr.

2004-2005 – Judge Jodie Asel, President; Pat Eng, Vice President; Linda Harris, Secretary; Amy Markel, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Elton Fay, Brian Hajicek, Mark Pfeiffer and Leslie Schneider.

2003-2004 – Elton Fay, President; Judge Jodie Asel, Vice President; Steve Pratte, Secretary; Rachael Kennedy, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Betty Wilson, Leslie Clay and Tom Davis.

2002-2003 – Betty Wilson, President; Elton Fay, Vice President, Scott Wilson, Secretary; Bob Buckley, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Dan Atwill, Mariam Decker and Colly Durley.

2001-2002 – Dan Atwill, President; James Powell, Vice President; Phebe La Mar, Secretary; Ed Orr, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Ron Bartlett, Betty Wilson and Liz Magee.

2000-2001 – Ron Bartlett, President; Bob Aulgur, Vice President; Lorri Shurtleff, Secretary; C.J. Dykhouse, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Carlyle Foley, John Roark and Rachael Kennedy.

1999-2000 – Carlyle Foley, President; Ron Bartlett, Vice President; C.J. Dykhouse, Secretary; Jim Lowery, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Ellen Roper, Margaret Gilk and Jeff Blaylock.

1998-1999 – Ellen Roper, President; Carlyle Foley, Vice President; Rodney Stevens, Secretary; Randy Flow, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Gary Oxenhandler, Keith Bail and Brian Hajicek.

1997-1998 – Gary Oxenhandler, President; Ellen Roper, Vice President; Colly Durley, Secretary; Mark Pfeiffer, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Bill Atkinson, Anna Lingo and Jim Powell.

1996-1997 – Bill Atkinson, President; Gary Oxenhandler, Vice President; Tom Schneider, Secretary; Mary Carnahan, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Milt Harper, Mariam Decker and Don Sanders.

1995-1996 – Milt Harper, President; Bill Atkinson, Vice President; Marilyn Gaeth, Secretary; John Smith, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Bob Roper, Chris Carpenter and Jeff Blaylock.

1994-1995 – Bob Roper, President; Milt Harper, Vice President; Gary Stamper, Secretary; Mark Langworthy, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Craig Van Matre, Jean Goldstein and Bill Atkinson.

1993-1994 – Craig Van Matre, President; Bob Roper, Vice President; John Roark, Secretary; Janice Harder, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Dan Simon, Sara Miller and Rusty Antel.

1992-1993 – Dan Simon, President; Craig Van Matre, Vice President; Glen Ehrhardt, Secretary; Janice Harder, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Dave Rogers, Bev Riordan and Wally Bley.

1991-1992 – Dave Rogers, President; Dan Simon, Vice President; Glen Ehrhardt, Secretary; Janice Harder, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Ron Smull, Tom Schneider and Skip Walther.

1990-1991 – Ron Smull, President; Dave Rogers, Vice President; Helen Cripps, Secretary; Rusty Antel, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Bunky Wright, Glenn Easley and Bill Rotts.

1989-1990 – Bunky Wright, President; Ron Smull, Vice President; Scott Forrest, Secretary; and Sara Miller, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Scott Orr, Dave Evans and Elton Fay.

1988-1989 – Scott Orr, President; Bunky Wright, Vice President; Chris Carpenter, Secretary; and Marilyn Gaeth, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Dick Thomas, Jeff Parshall and Bill Mallory.

1987-1988 – Dick Thomas, President; Scott Orr, Vice President; John Whiteside, Secretary; and Bev Riordan, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Dave Knight, Pat Eng and Gary Oxenhandler.

1986-1987 – Dave Knight, President; Dick Thomas, Vice President; Steve Scott, Secretary; and Gena Trueblood, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Darwin Hindman, Scott Orr and Bill Atkinson.

1985-1986 – Darwin Hindman, President; Dave Knight, Vice President; Jean Goldstein, Secretary. (The available records do not reflect the names of the Treasurer and Executive Committee members.)

The BCBA has published a monthly newsletter since May 1986. Editors have been:

  • May 1986 – August 1994: Steve Scott
  • September 1994 – December 1994: Andy Flach
  • January 1995 – June 1995: Greg Osterloth
  • July 1995 – November 2001: Skip Walther
  • December 2001 – August 2011: Steve Scott
  • September 2011 – Present: Thad Taylor