Missouri Attorney General to Launch New Military Legal Assistance Team

The Office of the Attorney General is pleased to announce the launching of its Military Legal Assistance Team. The team consists of four prongs: (1) legal assistance/will workshop clinics for veterans at VA hospitals/MVC veterans homes; (2) referrals for pro bono legal services for active duty, guard and reserve personnel facing legal issues which arise within the state and that impede their military readiness or reintegration into civilian life after deployment/activation; (3) combating predatory commercial practices aimed at victimizing military and veteran Missouri citizens; and (4) representing guardsmen experiencing employment discrimination stemming from their service performing state emergency duty.

For more information, or to volunteer for the program, please contact Scotty Allen at (573) 751-6733, scotty.allen@ago.mo.gov, or visit https://ago.mo.gov/home/working-for-you/military-legal-assistance-team.