Message from Jason Simmons, BCBA President:

Greetings, Members of the Boone County Bar Association. I wanted to take a moment and give you an update on a couple of matters that the Executive Committee recently discussed and approved.

First, enclosed with this Newsletter are the Committee Assignments which have been approved. I did decide to defer the appointments for a couple months since we have a new fiscal year which will now match the calendar year. Incoming Committee Chairs will be receiving an e-mail from me shortly, if you have not already, with some additional comments. I would like to thank those Members who have agreed to serve in the leadership roles. If you would like to serve on a committee but were not appointed, I would invite you to send a request to the Chair and to me, so we can update our records. For those committees without any members, I will likely reach out to some members to see if they have an interest in serving. Serving on a committee is where you are likely to be able to make the most impact in the areas that you practice.

The Executive Committee also approved the budget for the 2018 year, which is also included in this Newsletter. I want to point out a couple of exciting changes regarding the scholarship program and gifts/honorariums to retiring judges. Regarding the scholarship program, the Executive Committee has decided to adopt, for 2018, a single scholarship in the amount of $2,500 that can be renewed for one year with adequate academic progress (3.0 gpa or equivalent). The scholarship will be a merit based scholarship that can be used by any student residing in Boone County at a two or four-year school with an interest in pursuing a career in the law. Like last year, it is our intention to invite the winner and their family to the Annual Picnic to receive recognition of their award and to provide them with a plaque. We hope to make this a desired scholarship to students in Boone County and think these changes will help promote our profession within the community.


Over the past several years, we have had several judges retire from the 13th Circuit. Historically, donations have been solicited privately and without any formal coordination. After discussion and in acknowledgment that Judge Daniels and Judge Bradley will be retiring this year, the Executive Committee felt that it would be a good idea to adopt a more formal program. It was agreed that a small gift in recognition of their service and $1,000 honorarium funded by the Association would be appropriate. If any retiring judge felt uncomfortable accepting the honorarium, then it was agreed to allow them to select a charity of their choice to receive the payment. This program would be used for retiring elected judges age 65 and over.

To help cover the initial expected costs for Judge Bradley and Judge Daniels, I would suggest that Members of the Association make a voluntary donation in the amount of $25.  The Treasurer is in the process of creating a second account to hold any donations received and to hold the initial seed money for the small gifts. If you choose to donate, please put “Judge Retirement Honorarium Fund” in the memo section of your payment and forward it to Andrew Kopp, Treasurer, Boone County Bar Association, 705 E. Walnut Street, Columbia, MO 65201.