Last Chance to Keep Your BCBA Membership Active

The BCBA is one of the most active and connected local bar associations in Missouri. We provide our members with nearly all the required annual CLE requirements for the price of lunch, reach out to make our community better, and provide opportunities to keep up on our practice areas and local issues, as well as to socialize with each other outside of the courtroom. All of this for the more-than-reasonable fee of $50 per attorney.

If you have not already done so, please send in your annual dues ASAP to replenish the operating budget and keep the BCBA thriving. You may send $50/lawyer dues to:

Daniel Beckett, Treasurer

Boone County Bar Association

705 E. Walnut

Columbia, MO 65201

Make checks payable to “Boone County Bar Association.” Dues become payable January 1, and members will be removed from the rolls if they have not paid dues by April 1, 2019. Pursuant to the recent Amendment to the By-Laws, dues are no longer waived for sitting and retired judges, but continue to be waived for members who have reached 75 years of age, or have been licensed for 50 years. If you are 75 or older, or have been licensed for 50 years, please notify the Treasurer and website administrator to ensure you are given the exemption and your name is not removed from the rolls. A link to the 2019 BCBA Dues Payment/Waiver Form can be found at

Please note: You can mail checks to the Treasurer at that address, for Daniel to pick up in a mailbox reserved for the BCBA, BUT you cannot hand deliver a check to that address. The Clerk’s office, nor anyone else, is there to collect BCBA mail. If you wish to hand deliver your check, please make arrangements with Daniel.

As of April 1, out of 332 members of the BCBA, only 194 have submitted their annual dues. Those BCBA members that have not paid will receive an e-mail from the BCBA with one last reminder. Please pay attention to that email. If you have not paid, please submit payment a.s.a.p. If you receive the email and have paid, please respond to it so we can correct our records and keep you from mistakenly being removed from the rolls.