Court en Banc New Rule 72(L)

The Court en Banc clarified that the new Rule 72(L) requirements which became effective Aug. 1, 2019, also applies to guardianships of minors by adding “minor” to the first line. This is based on legislation that passed in 2018 that created the “Rap Back” program.

PROBATE RULE 72 (L):      Guardian and Conservator Pursuant to section 43.540, if a guardian or conservator is appointed to a minor, or disabled or incapacitated person, the appointed person will be fingerprinted and entered into the Record of Arrest and Prosecution or “Rap Back” program.” This will require the person to be fingerprinted through the court or  Missouri  Highway  Patrol every 6 years after their appointment. Fingerprints will be at the cost of the appointed guardian or conservator. The prints will be entered in the central repository and notice of any arrest or prosecution will be sent to the probate court for review and consideration.