Court approved rule changes and new local Court Rules from Court en Banc:

Update to Local Court Rule 1.D (effective after 60 days) and adding Rule 72. L (effective Aug. 1) New Local Court Rule 1. D RULE 1. DIVISIONS OF COURT D. The Treatment Courts of the 13th Judicial Circuit shall provide enhanced supervision, including substance abuse and mental health treatment, to offenders who meet the eligibility criteria of the various Treatment Courts. Services shall be available to both pre-plea and post-plea offenders as well as probationers. The Treatment Courts shall be continually monitored and evaluated for modification as necessary to provide the most current evidence-based programs available. The mission of the Treatment Courts is to provide supervision and treatment which will allow offenders to change their behavior and avoid further involvement in the criminal justice system. The Court en Banc shall appoint the Treatment Court Commissioner. The commissioner shall administer the Treatment Courts and shall regularly report to the Court en Banc on the state of the Treatment Courts.

Rule 72 L. Guardian and Conservator: Pursuant to section 43.540, RSMo, if a guardian or conservator is appointed to a disabled or incapacitated person, the appointed person will be fingerprinted and entered into the Record of Arrest and Prosecution or “Rap Back” program.” This will require the person to be fingerprinted through the court or Missouri Highway Patrol every 6 years after their appointment. Fingerprints will be at the cost of the appointed guardian or conservator. The prints will be entered in the central repository and notice of any arrest or prosecution will be sent to the probate court for review and consideration. Here is a link to the Supreme Court rules that are effective July 1, 2019: Here is a link to the Supreme Court rules that are effective Jan 1, 2020: