Effective 1-1-18, Rotts & Gibbs, LLC separated into two distinct legal practices. The new law firm is Rotts & Greenwade, LLC, with partners Bill Rotts and Marcy Greenwade. Kim Force remains an associate attorney within Rotts & Greenwade, LLC. Address, phone and fax data all remain unchanged. Email addresses are now,, and The new website can be found at Also effective 1-1-18, Finley Gibbs is doing business as Gibbs Legal Consulting, LLC at 1001 E. Walnut St., Ste. 200, Columbia, phone 573-607-9463, fax 573-340-6976 and email of Both new legal practice groups will remain close, good neighbors. Rotts & Greenwade will continue its practice areas of personal injury, insurance disputes, workers’ compensation claims, product liability, commercial disputes, commercial transactions and intellectual property. Gibbs Legal Consulting will continue to represent small business clients and represent whistleblowers in qui tam claims. Finley will also commence his career as a professional mediator and will provide other services regarding early legal dispute resolution.

John M. Roodhouse, has opened The Law Offices of John M. Roodhouse, 806 Locust Street, Columbia, MO 65201, phone:573-449-4044, fax 573-443-4001, email:, website

Gretchen Yancey: Effective March 1 2018, Gretchen has accepted a position as Of Counsel with Carson & Coil, P.C. Gretchen plans to continue her family law practice at 200 N. 9th Street, representing parents/family members, serving as GAL, and providing mediation services. She also will be keeping limited hours in Jefferson City, and will be more accessible in Cole County for referrals of clients, service as a GAL or mediation.

Gretchen’s mailing address will remain 200 N. 9th Street, Columbia, MO 65201. Her new email address is; phone 573-636-2177, office cell phone 573-880-5299, fax 573-636-7199, website

Message from Jason Simmons, BCBA President:

Greetings, Members of the Boone County Bar Association. I wanted to take a moment and give you an update on a couple of matters that the Executive Committee recently discussed and approved.

First, enclosed with this Newsletter are the Committee Assignments which have been approved. I did decide to defer the appointments for a couple months since we have a new fiscal year which will now match the calendar year. Incoming Committee Chairs will be receiving an e-mail from me shortly, if you have not already, with some additional comments. I would like to thank those Members who have agreed to serve in the leadership roles. If you would like to serve on a committee but were not appointed, I would invite you to send a request to the Chair and to me, so we can update our records. For those committees without any members, I will likely reach out to some members to see if they have an interest in serving. Serving on a committee is where you are likely to be able to make the most impact in the areas that you practice.

The Executive Committee also approved the budget for the 2018 year, which is also included in this Newsletter. I want to point out a couple of exciting changes regarding the scholarship program and gifts/honorariums to retiring judges. Regarding the scholarship program, the Executive Committee has decided to adopt, for 2018, a single scholarship in the amount of $2,500 that can be renewed for one year with adequate academic progress (3.0 gpa or equivalent). The scholarship will be a merit based scholarship that can be used by any student residing in Boone County at a two or four-year school with an interest in pursuing a career in the law. Like last year, it is our intention to invite the winner and their family to the Annual Picnic to receive recognition of their award and to provide them with a plaque. We hope to make this a desired scholarship to students in Boone County and think these changes will help promote our profession within the community.


Over the past several years, we have had several judges retire from the 13th Circuit. Historically, donations have been solicited privately and without any formal coordination. After discussion and in acknowledgment that Judge Daniels and Judge Bradley will be retiring this year, the Executive Committee felt that it would be a good idea to adopt a more formal program. It was agreed that a small gift in recognition of their service and $1,000 honorarium funded by the Association would be appropriate. If any retiring judge felt uncomfortable accepting the honorarium, then it was agreed to allow them to select a charity of their choice to receive the payment. This program would be used for retiring elected judges age 65 and over.

To help cover the initial expected costs for Judge Bradley and Judge Daniels, I would suggest that Members of the Association make a voluntary donation in the amount of $25.  The Treasurer is in the process of creating a second account to hold any donations received and to hold the initial seed money for the small gifts. If you choose to donate, please put “Judge Retirement Honorarium Fund” in the memo section of your payment and forward it to Andrew Kopp, Treasurer, Boone County Bar Association, 705 E. Walnut Street, Columbia, MO 65201.

Time to Pay 2018 Dues

The BCBA is one of the most active and connected local bar associations in Missouri. We provide our members with nearly all the required annual CLE requirements for the price of lunch, reach out to make our community better, and provide opportunities to keep up on our practice areas and local issues, as well as to socialize with each other outside of the courtroom. All of this for the more-than-reasonable fee of $50 per attorney.

If you have not already done so, please send in your annual dues ASAP to replenish the operating budget and keep the BCBA thriving. You may send $50/lawyer dues to:

Andrew Kopp, Treasurer

Boone County Bar Association

705 E. Walnut

Columbia, MO 65201

Make checks payable to “Boone County Bar Association.” Dues become payable January 1, and members will be removed from the rolls if they have not paid dues by April 1, 2018. Dues are waived for sitting and retired judges, and members who have reached 75 years of age, or have been licensed for 50 years.

Please provide the 2018 Boone County Bar Association Dues Payment/Waiver Form with your payment or exemption

BCBA Committee Members Announced for 2018

Committee Chairperson Members
Practice, Procedure & Judiciary* Bill Powell Randall Johnston, Karen Hajicek, Amanda Miller, Jill Harper
Family Law* Gretchen Yancey Kristin Dickinson, Tana Benner, Amy Salladay
Criminal Law* Vote by Committee Andrew Popplewell, Nancy McKerrow
Program & Entertainment* Jill Jackson
Legal Aid* Susan Lutton
Partners In Education/Scholarships* Brian Hajicek
Public Relations & Social Media* Molly Metza
Community Involvement* Sander Sowers AJ Schragge, Susan Lutton
ADR/Mediation Vote by Committee Paul Ladehoff, Finley Gibbs
Commercial Law NO INTEREST
Juvenile Law/GAL Vote by Committee Kristin Dickinson
Picnic Committee Mark Langworthy Sander Sowers, Jason Simmons, Mark Pfeiffer, Brian Hajicek, Carlyle Foley, Josh Oxenhandler, Grace Shemwell
Probate Committee Karen Hajicek Mike Sukup, Jason Simmons, Thad Taylor, Drew Veatch
Young Lawyers Maggie Skinner Adrienne Spiller

* Denotes standing committee per by-laws

Boone County Bar Association Budget for Calendar Year 2018

Dues – Regular (405 Members @ $50) $ 20,250.00  
Dues – Public Service (9 Members @ $25) $ 225.00  
Dues – Exempt (Age/Judges @ 49 Members) $ 0.00  
Projected Interest $ 1.20  
2018 YLC Charity Golf Tournament Proceeds $ 18,000.00  
Miscellaneous Income/Donations  
Projected 2017 carryover funds $ 10,000.00  
Editor/webmaster $ 3,000.00  
Web site hosting & registration $ 48.00  
Web site plugins – annual expense $ 40.00  
Web site – miscellaneous/contingent $ 150.00  
Scholarship Program $ 2,700.00  
Partners-in-Education expenses $ 250.00  
High School Mock Trial Program support $ 250.00  
CASA $ 500.00  
YLC Chipping in for Charity Golf Tournament Expenses $ 3,000.00  
MMLS Donation – Tournament Proceeds $ 15,000.00  
Executive Committee lunch meetings $ 500.00  
Unpaid lunches at regular meetings $ 140.00  
Speaker Lunches $ 140.00  
Annual Jim Butcher Memorial Picnic – food, etc. $ 2,000.00  
Holiday Party subsidy $ 2,500.00  
Bench-Bar Dinner subsidy $ 2,000.00  
Awards and Recognitions $ 350.00  
Memorials/flowers for deceased members $ 300.00  
Annual corporate registration fee $ 15.00  
Retirement gift for judges $ 800.00  
Contingencies $ 14,793.20