Jill Jackson Nominated for 2018-19 BCBA President

Current BCBA Vice President Jill Jackson of Ford, Parshall & Baker, LLC has been selected by the Nominating Committee as the nominee for 2018-19 BCBA President.

Other .nominees are Randall Johnston of Randall B. Johnston, P.C., for Vice President, Molly Metza of Harper, Evans, Wade & Netemeyer, for Secretary, Dan Beckett of Smith Lewis LLP, for Treasurer.

Next year’s Executive Committee will consist of Jennifer Rodewald and Hon. David Zerrer and Jason Simmons as past-president and Thad Taylor as Newsletter Editor.

The election of 2018-19 officers will take place at the Jim Butcher Memorial Picnic and Annual Meeting to be held Friday, September 7. At the election, nominations also may be made from the floor with the consent of those so nominated

Many thanks for the hard work of this year’s Nominating Committee, consisting of Sander Sowers, Marcy Greenwade and Kay Evans.