13th Circuit’s Implementation of New Online System Underway for Jury Duty

Boone and Callaway have now both implemented the “eJuror” or “Show-Me Jury.” The new system allows potential jurors to fill out a questionnaire and update their information online. With this new system, those who have been summoned for jury services may receive some notifications through a text or an e-mail. The first jurors in Boone effected by received a jury notice from the court starting February 28, 2018; Callaway’s are being released this week. Show-Me Jury is available online at: https://www.courts.mo.gov/ejuror/

Potential jurors will still receive a jury notice in the mail from the court, directing them to go on-line to fill out the qualification form and questionnaire. If a juror believes they are not qualified to serve under Missouri law, they can submit documentation online. For instance, if someone has moved to another state, they can electronically submit a copy of their driver’s license as proof.

As the capability of this program grows, it is anticipated that jurors who provide electronic contact information will be able to receive e-mail or text alerts whether or not they need to report for service. Currently, jurors need to call the court’s automated phone message or look on the court’s website to find out if their service is no longer required, as the only contact information the court has is their home address.

The court reminds the public that they should be aware of jury scams where someone may call you and say you owe money for not appearing for jury service. Even with this new system the court will not call you for confidential information and will never call asking for money for a fine.