Update on Children’s Division Central Registry Requirement

At the December Court en Banc meeting, the statute attached below was presented about certain cases and crimes that need to be reported to the Children’s Division to place individuals on its child abuse and neglect central registry.

Section 210.118, RSMo, requires that parties be placed on the registry in certain Chapters 210 or 211 cases, if the court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that a party is responsible for child abuse or neglect. The requires the clerk to shall send a certified copy of the judgment or order to Children’s Division and the Prosecuting Attorney. For criminal cases, if a person pleads guilty or is found guilty of certain crimes (or attempt thereof) and the victim is younger than 18, or the victim is under 18 and the perpetrator is 21 or older; or a list of other crimes (210.118(2)(3)), the court shall enter an order directing the children’s division to list the individual as a perpetrator of child abuse or neglect in the central registry, and the clerk shall send a certified copy of the order to the children’s division.

The court wanted you make sure you were aware of this statute that took effect August 28, 2016. If possible, Prosecutors please advise the court if the victim meets these age standards.