Procedural Changes to Reserving a Bed for 120-Programs Under 559.115 RSMO

If a client is being considered for placement in an institutional treatment program ITC (drug/alcohol treatment, or shock incarceration program), it is necessary to have a reserved bed date. Probation and Parole will automatically screen for these programs where appropriate in sentencing assessment reports and probation violation reports. If you would like Probation and Parole to reserve a bed date for a client prior to sentencing, you can contact the probation office directly and request a bed date. Probation and Parole will need basic case information (charges, case number, when the client is scheduled to plea or be sentenced, defendant’s name, date of birth and social security number). That will allow Probation and Parole the ability to open the client up in their system as an investigation at which time they can secure a bed date prior to sentencing. Probation and Parole will make the bed date make the bed date available to the Court then at the time of sentencing or will be provided to the Court in advance if requested to do so.
Requesting a bed date from Probation and Parole does NOT mean that you are agreeing that your client will be sent to the program and does not bind the court in any way. It will possibly save clients from serving additional time in jail waiting for a bed date for delivery to DOC. It will also ensure that clients that are sentenced to 120 day treatment programs actually receive treatment while they are incarcerated instead of spending the time in general population due to arriving with no secured bed date.
To reserve a bed date, contact one of the liaison probation officers assigned to each circuit judge as follows:

Judge Carpenter (Div I):
Linnell Robinson Email
Mary Tollenaar Email

Judge Harris (Div II):
Robert Jenkins Email
Nichole Cleek Email

Judge Crane (Div III:)
Derek Davidson Email
Tyler Buckman Email
Judge Asel (Div IV):
Becky Chapman Email
Toya Gray Email

You can also contact:

District Administrator Todd Fleharty Email
Unit Supervisor Sara Lemberger Email